An immersive learning program that curates technology, trends, innovative companies, and thinkers

Period of
Rapid Change

Executives and senior leadership face a perplexing range of approaches to the current business environment. With their core business assumptions being disrupted, they increasingly need help understanding how to respond. Who do they turn to and where do they go for answers in this rapidly changing marketplace?

FutureConnect is designed to address the central challenges facing companies today, including consumers’ shifting media consumption and purchasing patterns. The programs FutureConnect has developed can promote efficient companywide practices that are responsive to the changing conditions that exist today.



FutureConnect Summit is a world premiere program of conferences that offer content, creativity, connections, networking, and concierge services to help attendees navigate the world’s most important business events.

These one-day conferences bring together everything you need to maximize your time and make important connections that will move your business forward. A FutureConnect Summit will energize and guide you with your personal roadmap for the conference and the future.



These invitation-only, closed-door gatherings of senior executives engage key individuals in purposefully thoughtful conversations.

With an attendee limit of fifteen to twenty preferred senior leaders, the goal of FutureConnect Dinners is to facilitate meaningful discussion and high-level networking.

Each private dinner is co-hosted by two to four partner representatives and one moderator selected by FutureConnect. Together, the moderator and the partner representatives will enable the group to network, debate, and learn from one another, while the partners remain at the center of the discussion, thought leaders developing relationships and real business opportunities.


FutureConnect: AI
February 24, 2019

FutureConnect: Fashion
September 5, 2019
New York City

New York City